Child to Alien to Adult - Can You Relate?

I've been doing more of my philosophical thinking lately - I do that frequently. I'd love to know your thoughts in response to mine.

I'm not a parent. Yet I live parenting everyday through other people, especially when the children hit their teenage years. What is it about teenagers? Is it a gradual change or do all of a sudden they switch bodies with an alien creature pretending to be your child?

When is it that one is considered grown up and mature? Ha, the question, no one can really answer. When do we realize that we actually are our mother or father? It seems to happen to us all eventually - some take longer than others, of course!

When do we realize that the worries we have as a child have left us? And those worries were usually insignificant in the big picture of our own life - yet so life shattering at the time. Was it an overnight shift or a gradual fading in to a grown up? We've all been there. The emotions and challenges of a child are the same since the beginning of time. The events, vocabulary, style, environment, technology and education are all different - but the core need and challenge of the emotional being is the same from generation to generation. Yet, "it's different now" and "you couldn't understand" is the unified chant of every child, every generation since the beginning of time. And then one day, the realization hits "OH ---- MY ---- GOSH!" It's not really different, never has been different, and now you realize you are an adult.

I believe that eventually that shift occurs for everyone - but I can't say that I've experienced the knowledge of it while it was happening. I only recognized the end result - in myself and others that grew from children to teenagers to adults. It's the same cycle generation after generation after generation.

I would like to know the random thoughts of others on this challenging, mysterious topic. What is your experience? What are your thoughts? Please share. Until next time...

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Tara Lee said...

I agree - I caught myself the other day talking to someone and using my hands to gesture and suddenly I realized I move my hands just like my mother does when she talks. As a young woman growing up that was not a good thing to me - being like mom. The older I get, now I realize it is a wonderful thing. A compliment. I know one day my mom will be gone and until I see her again in heaven, she will always be with me - even in the way I use my hands to gesture. God is great!