My First Blog

Welcome to my first blog. What do I have to write about? Isn't this the question for all of us? What's on my mind and will people be interested? My truth - my mind works non-stop all day and all night long; therefore, everything is on my mind. Will anyone be interested, well I can't answer that question. You'll have to weigh in and provide your opinion.

I pondered a couple questions today about leadership. Why is it that some people want to be a leader and think they are a leader, yet they are unwilling to take the risk of a decision? I believe it's because they are not truly a leader. They are a leader wanna be. Can they change? I believe if they have some characteristics of a leader, although not fully developed, then absolutely yes! However, if the only characteristic they have is desire, then most likely no.

A leader must also be willing to learn. I believe learning doesn't end until an individual determines they no longer wish to learn. One can learn until death. What a great thought.

I wish to be a better leader. I wish to learn and I'm willing to take risks. Although those are not the only characteristics of a leader, those are a great start. Continue with me on my journey in exploring a variety of topics to include, but not limited to, leadership!

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Jaimie said...

I found your blog through a link of a link of another link .. I think. :) It first interested me as I saw you were in Tampa and I am in the area also. I then read your blogs so far and wanted to tell you that I found them all very interesting. I plan to remember your advice abotu "interviewing the experts" when (if ever) I get some interviews myself. I have a feeling that it may be helpful to haveing a potential employer both remember me and see that I am interested in the company, the boss and learning more! So, thank you for your wise words in that blog entry as well as your other entries. They were very inspiring to me!