The Art Work of My Mind

I really wanted to sit down and write tonight. I have so many thoughts swirling around my head. I wrote several blog posts this week in my mind without a word being penned on paper. So here I sit ready to write and excited about what will appear. Yet nothing is forming or taking shape into anything of value for penning.

My thoughts leap from topic to dream to fragment pieces. My mind starts with me and jumps to past friendships, to family, to new friendships, and then quickly to the strangers conversing around me. It then soars to thinking about the good in people then to our diversity and our difference. I contemplate accepting routine and mull over embracing spontaneity. I take a sharp turn to ponder the harshness of judgment and the joy of acceptance. I then strangely brood over accepting judgment or judging acceptance – the conflict and reality of it all. My mind then races to living a life of abundance, or mediocrity, or complacency or contentment. It’s the choice we each make on our own and live out each day.

Tonight I feel as if I’m an abstract art – dancing across the room floating with the changing speed of the music. I dream, I pray, I map out my life. In this moment, I like who I am and the glimpse of who I will be. At least for now – it’s how I choose to see me.

But of course tomorrow is another work of art waiting to be drawn.....

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The Last Home Ec Major said...

Angie, Sweet thoughts. I am constantly reminding myself "you are called to be different". It's kinda my personal chant when things get tough and I am tempted to repay rudeness with rudeness! Or when I know I have a 'right' to demand something, and yet, I know for me it isn't right! The gate is narrow is it not? I'm not saying I'm becoming a pushover. But when you take the role of observer it helps it all be less personal.
I think you are right on!