Relocation as the Transferring Employee and Making Informed Decisions

Are you transferring with your company or considering a future job transfer? I’ve been in the human resources and relocation industry for over 20 years and I’ve relocated both as a child and an adult. I have an opinion and I’ve been called an expert, yet I’m a lifetime student of learning; relocation is no exception! I’m in a position where I generally talk to corporations and government agencies and I don’t get many opportunities to speak directly with a transferring employee. Therefore, this random thought blog post is written specifically for you, the relocating employee.

The real estate market is one of the hottest topics all over the world. I’m asked about it often. I also overhear a lot of conversations such as “my company is moving me and they are providing a company to help me, but how do I know whether I can trust them and if they are telling me the truth? How do I know it’s not a scam?” These are all important questions and deserve to be answered.

My first word of advice: Don’t Believe Everything You Hear – But Believe the Experts! Your next question should be (all said together) who are the experts? I’m so glad you asked. The experts are those that have been full time in the industry and are long-time relocation management, real estate and appraisal professionals that have seen various markets. They are ahead of the market, think creatively, involve you in the strategy of selling your home and are not afraid to shoot straight and tell you the truth. They read updated industry information from a variety of sources and are active members of both local and national industry organizations. They pull in other relocation experts, such as relocation inspectors and mortgage suppliers that focus on relocation. They too are an on-going student of relocation that applies their learning to continuously adapt and succeed in the relocation industry.

My second word of advice: Interview the Experts and Make Informed Decisions! The days of putting the house on the market, testing the listing price, running an ad, holding an open house or two for it to sell are over. You must have an aggressive, creative strategy and it takes teamwork with multiple relocation experts! You need to have confidence in your experts! Listen, be open, ask questions and partner with them. Ask some of these common interview questions:

· How long have you been doing this job?

· What are your average days to contract (list date to contract acceptance) for the last 12 months?

· What is your variance (price you said a home sold for and what it actually sold for) for the last 12 months?

· What is the number of homes that you sold/appraised within the last 12 months? Where specifically are those homes?

· Name 5 creative marketing strategies that you have successfully employed within the last 12 months.

· Where is my biggest competition for my home and why?

· What kind of training have you had within the last 12 months?

· What were the last three things you read that relate to your industry and today’s market?

· What are your credentials and organizations that you belong? How does belonging to that organization(s) help you and me?

Work with your relocation management professional (if you have one) and interview several real estate and appraisal candidates until you are comfortable with their experience and strategies. Make sure you have an expert!

Last word of advice: Stay Involved and Collaborate with Your Experts.
The industry has changed, but it doesn’t have to be a painful process. Your home will sell and you can make informed decisions. Make the right choice right out of the gate and you’ll shorten your selling time but still receive the highest price the market will bear.

Everyone wins when homes sell and transferring employees are settled with their families in their new destination quickly, successfully and happily!

Comments Welcomed & Have A Happy Relocation!

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