60 Miles - $4M - 1400 Walkers - 300 Volunteers - 1 Cause - A Lifetime Experience!

The 2009 60 mile walk has now come and gone. It was such an incredible experience that I couldn't possibly do it justice in a blog post. We walked 60+ miles and Team Tishie raised just under $11,000 for the Susan G Komen Foundation in order to find a cure for breast cancer. There were 1400 women and men that walked in the Tampa Bay 3 Day with us and together we raised over $4,000,000.

I was also humbled by the 350+ volunteers that supported the cause. We could not have successfully completed this event without their acts of love and support. They directed traffic, bandaged our feet, honked their horns in a salute as they passed us, provided dunking water for our bandanas and towels to keep cool and served us snacks, water and gatorade. They had hearts of servants.

Team Tishie consisted of myself, my husband (Mike Gilbreath), my mother (Trish Richards) and my father (Jerre Richards). I was honored to walk with them. I walked for my mother, a survivor and I walked for many friends - also survivors. I walked in memory of my aunt and my grandmothers. I walked for my mother in law, my two sister in laws and for me, so that we don't have to experience breast cancer. I walked because I could walk. I walked next to mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, grandparents, and friends. We all walk for someone and we all walk for everyone.

I want to thank those that supported us through donations and/or encouragement. It was a humbling experience to hear all of the stories of how we have all been touched by this horrible disease. 60 Miles was nothing compared to the many battles that have already been fought and are still being fought. My aches and pains were nothing compared to their bravery and courage.

The following video gives you a glimpse into our experience. It's a very small sampling of the 180+ pictures that were taken for an experience that we will never forget. It was incredibly inspirational and humbling all at the same time. We laughed and we cried - it was a range of emotions. It is set to one of my favorite songs "The Face of Love" by Sanctus Real. It is appropriate because we each walk for love - love for the ones that we have watched battle disease or want to avoid the battle. To view the video on you tube click on the following:

The 2009 Susan G Komen Walk for the Cure has come to a close. Now we are getting ready for 2010. Three of the four team members of Team Tishie have already verbally committed for next year. We are also recruiting additional team members so please feel free to join us in our journey. The following link is our 2009 team page - send me an email regarding next year.

It's an experience of a lifetime and as we've heard throughout the 3 day: Everyone deserves a lifetime!

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Jennifer Meyers said...

Wonderful inspiration. My sister forwarded me your blog address. She said you had responded to her blog (a journey for a cause). My name is Jennifer and I am a 3 year breast cancer survivor. My sister and I are walking this year in our 1st 3 day walk (in Michigan). I, too, have a blog (actually 2). I'd love to hear your thoughts as you've completed a 3 day walk. My blog(s) is: ... the 2nd blog 'insights are blooming' is linked to it as well.