Out of Focus

Do you ever feel like you are living out of focus?  As I get older I find that I'm looking at blurry objects more every day.  It can be frustrating not knowing the details of what I'm looking at or even being able to identify what I'm seeing at all.  However, it can also be a little fun and an adventure.

It did get me thinking.  Sometimes I feel like my whole life is out of focus.  I'm living and I'm engaging in life every day, but something seems a little blurry.  I can see, but not exactly clearly.  So what does it take to live in focus?  Is there really a true in focus?  Is it a matter of the seasons of life - some seasons are in focus and some out of focus?

My mind then started to wander towards whether being in focus is tied to finding my purpose and meaning in life.  Why was I put on this earth?  I haven't quite figured that out yet, but I know that we were all put on this earth for a reason.  At some points in my life, I felt I had meaning and was passionate about that meaning and purpose.  That usually centered around helping others - whether in my job as a mentor, teacher or just plain productive which helped grow the company and ultimately kept people employed.  Or in other areas of my life not work focused, for example, regularly volunteering in homeless shelters or teaching business and interviewing skills to lower income women who were seeking to improve their life.  And at other times in my life, that purpose wasn't clear - possibly not as clear with my work value or volunteering participation.  That's when life doesn't seem to be as focused. And I definitely don't know my purpose and  meaning.

So what's the lesson? Good question, maybe that each season in life may bear something different than the last?  And to keep seeking purpose and meaning in everything that I do? Or sometimes it's ok to be out of focus, but keep looking and eventually I'll be able to see life in focus again - maybe the same view, but most likely a different view?  Questions to ponder....

So, what's your view - are you in or out of focus today?

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