A Voice to be Heard

Everyone has a voice that wants to be heard. The way in which we seek to be heard is as varied as the people in the world. Take the restaurant where I currently sit as an example, the dominant voices to be heard are from little people "Mom..." or a scream from an unhappy child, or the piercing laughter of a joyous one - all which can be heard at any corner of the room. But there is also the couple deep in conversation, quiet to the world, but loud enough for their partner, both with serious expressions. Or the table of six, two of which have the most to say, but the one on the end who watches and starts to talk a few times, only to be interrupted, so the outward attempts cease. And of course the twenty something male that makes jokes so those around him will laugh - yet there is sadness hiding in his eyes, or is it really sadness or just the perspective of the onlooker? A voice to be heard.

And of course, facebook and twitter are great examples of voices to be heard. Some are heard hourly - others only monthly, but each saying something. And blogging is another facet of a voice to be heard. Do we blog for ourself or others? I wonder how much people - the generic we or you - read other people's blogs or websites. I know I don't take the time to explore as much as I'd like to explore.  However, I've started reading again - as well as writing.  With my varied interests, I follow varied sites.  Here are a few articles that I read in the last few days while I was catching up on twitter (@tpagirl):

Search for Wierdest Car in America (USA Today)
Acai Berries: 1 of 10 Most Beneficial Foods (Healthy Eating Overview)
This Week's Top 10 Videos  (Market Watch)
Social Media is A Culture - Not a Technology (Government in the Lab)
60 Signs Addicted to Social Media & Twitter (Business to Community)
9 Things Pilots Want You to Know  (Women's Day)
Practice (Passion On Purpose - Ryan Estis)
BitRebels (Too Many great articles to name a top 1!)
Toilet Paper Emergency (BitRebels - an oldie but goodie!)
If A Leader Always... (Ron Edmondson)
Gen Rent - New Kids on the Block (Inman News)

There are a lot of voices to be heard in today's world.  What voice are you hearing?  What voice are you sharing?  Is it all about you or all about others?  Let's take the time to hear other voices today.

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