My Story to Live - The Fabric of Me

As I listen to a version of "It is Well With My Soul" today,  I remember that it's my choice on whether my soul is well.  I am reminded of some recent training that says my story is my story.  For example, what happens to me, how it happens to me, circumstances, situations - everything within my life - is my story.  It's also called my life's journey.  I don't control my story - I can't change my story.  My story is my story.  It's the fabric of who I am.  It's not your story.  It's my story and only my story.

The way I interpret my story is up to me.  It's my choice.  I choose every day what I believe.  Am I choosing a negative interpretation?  And if so, does that negative interpretation bring me down, create a skeptic? Or am I choosing a positive version that frees me and let's me soar to any height?  I can create thoughts and opinions of others - imaginary or otherwise - that shape me.  For example,  when I create an interpretation of what others are thinking or why they do something - again imaginary or otherwise - what perspective am I choosing - one that brings me down or one that's ultimately better for me?  It's a choice. It's deep. It's what I believe to my core - in my soul.  It's my story to live.

When I dig deep, it's more than just attitude.  It sounds like attitude, but it's deeper....more than my attitude.  It's something that I choose to believe deep in my soul.  It's that belief - not just what I tell myself I believe - but what I really believe, that is the fabric of who I am.  It's my story to live.  I ask myself again, how am I choosing to live my story today?

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